All New High Polish Enamel Animal Print Clasps for Regaliz and Flat Leather

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Animal Print Magnetic Clasps for Regaliz

View's latest innovation for Regaliz leather.  Our new line of clasp for Regaliz Leather  are available in a high polish Black Ruthenium, .925 Sterling Silver, and 14K Rose Gold Plating. The trendy clasps feature cool and fun animal prints in Zebra, as well as Leopard. Combine these clasps with Regaliz leather to create easy to make custom bracelets.
Animal Print Magnetic Clasps for 10mm Flat Leather

The line wouldn't be complete without the complimenting clasps for 10mm flat leather.  The new clasps are created with the same high polish finish as our pave line for easy mixing and matching.  View our all new clasps and get creative!

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Save 30% OFF our entire inventory this week!

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Its spring cleaning time at  Stop by a load up on all your beads, pendants and findings at 30% OFF.  Want even better deals?  All our Oval Regaliz Leather is on sale for an additional 20% OFF.

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How to make a rivet-less rivet style bracelet!

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If there is one thing I have learned in the jewelry design business, its that there is almost certainly more than 1 way to achieve the results you may be looking for with a bracelet design. Im sure not everyone is interested in purchasing a riveting tool, and messing around with hexagonal screws to create an identity bar bracelet. Today I'm going to show you how to achieve the same design concept by using a little super new glue, and some RG-1330 slider beads.

You will need a few things to get started

  • 10 x 1.5mm Flat leather (You should get a few extra inches for this project because of the technique. Starting with 12 inches is probably best for your first try)
  • 2 - RG-1330 spacers
  • A bracelet identity bar of your choice.
  • A Clasp for 10mm flat leather.
  • Sharp Scissors
  • Super New Glue
  • A pair of flat nose pliars. (it doesn't matter if they are bent or straight as long as you can get a good hold of the leather)
Find all the materials for this project @

Begin the process by cutting your leather in half, then cutting 1 end to a point.

Slide one RG-1330 spacer onto your flat leather.

Load your identity bar onto the leather (be sure its the face is the correct way).

Flip your leather over, and load the point back through the RG-1330 Spacer. Once you have it through a bit, use your pliars to pull it nice and tight.

Drop a few drops of super new glue under the pointed part of your leather.  (you can cut the point flat here for a more finished look)

Make sure its lined up evenly and let it dry for a few minutes. Repeat the whole process on the other side of the bar.

Now just size it up, and add your clasps.

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New Modular Array Necklace in Golden Shadow

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Back in January we created the Modular Array Necklace Kit.  This month we're brining in back, but with new colors.  This one uses a combinations of the Swarovski Silver shade and Golden Shadow crystal effects to give this necklace an all new feel.

The combination of Swarovski Elements Modular Beads with .925 Sterling Silver chain and closures creates a stunning crystal cluster as the focal point of this piece. Each kit comes with enough material to create up to a 20 inch necklace.

View the kit @

Creating this kit is easy enough for beginners... as long as you've made a pair of earrings before.

Instructions for creating this design
  • Take your eye pin and open the loop on the bottom, slide your chain onto the loop and then close it. Now load on your 4mm golden shadow round, your 4mm Silver Shade round then your 4mm golden shadow round. Now you will start your gallery wrap (steps 1 - 4 then stop). Add on your lobster claw and then finish your gallery wrap.
  • Now slide your modular beads onto the chain in this pattern: small SS, GH, SS, large SS, GS, SS, small SS, GS, SS.
  • You will need to determine the length you would like your necklace to lay on you and nip off any extra chain if desired shorter.
  • Take your other eye pin and open the loop on the bottom, slide your chain onto the loop and then close it. Now load on your  4mm Silver Shade round then your 4mm golden shadow round. Now you will start your gallery wrap (Steps 1 - 4, then stop), Add on your closed ring and then finish your gallery wrap. 

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Petite Squares Bracelet Kit available now

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Our latest Jewelry Kit is created with spring in mind.  This light weight bracelet is available in a variety of gemstone colors combined with light, and decorative sterling silver tubes.  With 10 color options, there's sure to be a fit for every style. 

Creating this design requires basic introductory jewelry making techniques.  The base of the bracelet requires a knowledge of crimping, and the dangle is created with a basic wrapping technique.

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Designing a new bracelet kit with a little Oscar Inspiration

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if you watched the Oscars on Sunday you may have seen the stunning bracelet worn by singer Idina Menzel.  It's an eye catching piece that inspired our designer to create a new bracelet kit in the same fashion.  Have a look at the image to the left to see how the original bracelet looks.

Bringing it all together!

You can see that we were able to combine Swarovski crystal, Silver findings, and a bit of creative beading to design the same style bracelet. Clear Swarovski round beads were the obvious choice to give the bracelet the desired sparkle of the original. The linking area between the ring and the bracelet is embellished with Swarovski 2 strand Navette beads.  The whole bracelet kit comes to about $23.00

How to create your  own (guide and materials make a 7" bracelet)

Materials Needed (All included in our Jewelry Kit)

  • 2 Feet - 0.15 Beadalon 49 strand wire
  • 12 - 4mm Swarovksi Crystal Bicones 
  • 14 - 4mm Swarovski Crystal Rounds 
  • 23 - 6mm Swarovski Crystal Rounds
  • 7 - Swarovski 2 Strand Navettes
  • 62 - 2mm .925 Sterling Silver Seamless Beads
  • 1 - .925 Sterling Silver Lobster Claw
  • 4 - .925 Sterling Silver Crimp Tubes
  • 2 - .925 Sterling Silver Crimp Covers

Tools Needed (Available in our tools section)

  • Nipper tool
  • Crimp Tool


Take your 2 feet of wire and load on your 4mm crystal rounds alternating each one with a 2mm s/s ball, repeat this until when you make a circle it is long enough to slide over your finger.

You will now bring both wires together and add a 6mm crystal round, 2mm s/s ball, 6mm crystal round, 2mm s/s ball. You want your first Navette to start right after your knuckle, depending on the length of your hand, you may need to add another 6mm crystal round, then a 2mm s/s ball.

Now separate your wires, and on each strand add a 2mm s/s ball, a Navette, 2mm s/s ball, 4mm crystal bicone, 2mm s/s ball, Navette, and repeat this pattern until you load on your last Navette.

Keeping each strand separate still, load on a 2mm s/s ball, 6mm crystal round, and repeat this 9x or until size desired, add your s/s crimp tube next and then a 4mm crystal round.

On one side load on your closed ring and run your wire back through your 4mm crystal round, s/s crimp tube, and a 6mm crystal round. On the other side load on your lobster claw and run your wire back through your 4mm crystal round, s/s crimp tube, and a 6mm crystal round.

To finish you will crimp your bracelet, put on your s/s crimp covers, and nip off the remaining wire.

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