All New Crystal Mesh Bracelet Kits


Stacked bracelets up your entire wrist seems to be a popular trend that's not stopping any time soon! Everyone seems to be creating an eclectic look by combining a wide variety of jewelry style to create a bold and unique statement.  Whether you're into the bangle trends, or using Regaliz, and Flat leather, it never hurt to add a little sparkle.  Our new line of Crystal Mesh Jewelry Kits are the perfect addition to any stack addict's collection.  Created by capturing Swarovski Elements in Mesh lining, The great range off colors can add a touch of sparkle to your arm candy, no matter your current style. 

Our new stackable bracelet kits come in 12 colors, and are easy enough for a beginner with little to no jewelry making experience.  If you can use a bottle of glue, you can make these bracelets.  Visit our store to browse our entire line of Crystal Mesh Bracelet Kit - Made with Swarovski Elements.

Stay tuned for the step by step tutorial later this week!


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New Slider Beads for Regaliz Leather and Portuguese Cork

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Are you a part of the Regaliz Leather Craze?  Can you not stop making Portugugese cork bracelets? We've just brought in 19 new Regaliz Sliders in Antique Brass, Antique Silver, and Antique Copper. Each new component open up  hundreds of new design possibilities by pairing them with our current variety of slider beads.

View our all new Regaliz and Portuguese Cork Sliders!
View our New Slider Beads!

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