Swarovski plans to Discontinue 100's of Beads and Colors!

Swarovski is running one of their biggest line reductions in history.  Many of our favorite beads here at Toocutebeads.com are on the chopping block.  Even one of our most popular lines, the 5601 cube bead is being reduced by more than half the color options.  

We want to try to help everyone stay ahead of this, and stock up on their favorite products.  We have a PDF file of all the articles being discontinued for you to download.  Looking through the list it looks like the Aurora Borealis effect is going to be all but extinct in the coming months.

the 5000 series includes all of Swarovski's Drilled Beads (rounds, cubes bicones, ect)

the 6000 series includes all of Swarovski's Pendants (top-drilled bicones, frames, ect)

With so many articles being discontinued it's hard to figure out what Swarovski is doing.  Following the trend with their figurines, It would be easy to assume their trying to add value to some of these articles by ending production to make them Vintage beads.  It's also reasonable to assume they are pulling these article so their line of finished jewelry has a more exclusive feel.  

If you'd like to shop for some of the soon to be discontinued items, view our selection at http://www.toocutebeads.com/swarovski.html

No matter what the reason for the mass discontinuation of these Swarovski Elements, we're still sad to see our favorite colors go.  What do you think of the mass discontinuation?


  1. It's beautiful, it really is not the same woman dressed now out of work, and I intend to buy swarovski elements to dress themselves, enhance their charm.

  2. I was looking at the chart of discontinued Swarovski beads and have a few questions. Does the black square mean that the bead will continue to be produced? Also, what do the red squares mean?

    Thanks! Chris

  3. Wow, perfect. Fortunately, I found your website!
    Thanks for sharing! Bangles Swarovski

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