Petite Squares Bracelet Kit available now

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Our latest Jewelry Kit is created with spring in mind.  This light weight bracelet is available in a variety of gemstone colors combined with light, and decorative sterling silver tubes.  With 10 color options, there's sure to be a fit for every style. 

Creating this design requires basic introductory jewelry making techniques.  The base of the bracelet requires a knowledge of crimping, and the dangle is created with a basic wrapping technique.

Instructions for creating the base bracelet

Step 1: String 1 4mm bicone, 1 crimp tube, 1 4mm bicone,  and your wire guard.

Step 2: Add your lobster claw on to your wire guard, and thread your wire back through your 4mm bicone, crimp tube. crimp tube, and 4mm bicone.

Step 3: Pull wire tightly, crimp, and add your crimp cover.

Step 4: Begin loading your beads in the order listed. 
  • 2mm Silver Bead
  • Silver Tube
  • 2mm Silver Bead
  • 4mm Bicone
  • 3 Gemstone Squares
  • 4mm bicone

Repeat step 4 four times.

Step 5: add a 2mm silver bead, a silver tube, a 2mm silver bead, a 4mm bicone, a crimp tune, another 4mm bicone, and your wire guard.
Step 6: Add your .925 Sterling Silver Chain to your Wire guard, and back your wire through your 4mm bicone, your crimp tube, and another 4mm bicone.
Step 7:  Pull your wire tightly, crimp, then add your crimp cover.
Step 8: Pull back your excess wire and nip off. 

Instructions for creating the dangle.

Step 1: Load beads on your headpin in the following order 
  • 4mm Bicone
  • 3 Gemstone Squares
  • 4mm Bicone

Step 2: Use your round nose pliers to create half a wrap
Step 3: Add the open wrap to your chain
Step 4:  Complete your Wrap

Hope everyone enjoys the new kit
Happy Beading

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