Learn to create our new Leather Love Knot Bracelet

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Materials Needed
  • 2 10 Inch lengths of 5mm Stitched Leather
  • 2 Regaliz Sliders
  • 1 Regaliz Magnetic Clasp
  • 4 Rubber O-Rings
Tools and Supplies Needed
  • Sharp Scissors
  • Super New Glue
  • Bent Nose Pliers, or flat nose pliers

Supplies for love knot bracelet design
Gather your supplies.
opening regaliz o-rings with pliers
Use a pair of bent nose, or chain nose pliers to open your Rubber O-Ring
 sliding regaliz o rings on 5mm leather
Fold one of your 10 inch pieces of leather in half and load on your Rubber O-ring leaving a nice size loop.
loading Regaliz components onto leather
Slide on your Regaliz Slider, and then another Rubber O-ring to hold it in place.
2 halfs of a love knot bracelet design
Now do the same thing with your other piece of 10 inch leather. You should have 2 loops like the image above.
sliding one of your love knots through the other
Slide one of your loops (Tail end first) into the other like shown in the image above.
Tightening your love knot, and Regaliz Sliders
Now take the other loops tail up through the loop like in the image above.
trimming 5mm leather with scissors
Pull your loops tightly together to from a knot you're happy with, then push your sliders up to hold it in place.
trimmed love knot bracelet
Trim your leather to size.
checking your bracelet design
This should give you the base of your bracelet.
putting super new glue into regaliz clasp
Put 3 to 4 drops of Super New Glue into your Regaliz Magnetic Clasp.
loading 5mm leather into Regaliz Clasp
Load your leather in, and hold in place for a minute to make sure it hold. Repeat with the other side.
Completed Love Knot Bracelet
Congratulations... You know how to create a Love Knot Bracelet!

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