All New Crystal Mesh Bracelet Kits


Stacked bracelets up your entire wrist seems to be a popular trend that's not stopping any time soon! Everyone seems to be creating an eclectic look by combining a wide variety of jewelry style to create a bold and unique statement.  Whether you're into the bangle trends, or using Regaliz, and Flat leather, it never hurt to add a little sparkle.  Our new line of Crystal Mesh Jewelry Kits are the perfect addition to any stack addict's collection.  Created by capturing Swarovski Elements in Mesh lining, The great range off colors can add a touch of sparkle to your arm candy, no matter your current style. 

Our new stackable bracelet kits come in 12 colors, and are easy enough for a beginner with little to no jewelry making experience.  If you can use a bottle of glue, you can make these bracelets.  Visit our store to browse our entire line of Crystal Mesh Bracelet Kit - Made with Swarovski Elements.

Stay tuned for the step by step tutorial later this week!


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New Slider Beads for Regaliz Leather and Portuguese Cork

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Are you a part of the Regaliz Leather Craze?  Can you not stop making Portugugese cork bracelets? We've just brought in 19 new Regaliz Sliders in Antique Brass, Antique Silver, and Antique Copper. Each new component open up  hundreds of new design possibilities by pairing them with our current variety of slider beads.

View our all new Regaliz and Portuguese Cork Sliders!
View our New Slider Beads!

What do you think of these new Sliders?

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New Portuguese Corks inspire a new design idea!

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We just got in 2 all new styles of 10 x 6mm Portuguese cork.  Both new corks have a natural base, with either silver or gold accents. We think these make a great additional to our line of cork products.  See the pictures below.

Natural with Silver
Natural with Gold

We immediately thought these would go great with our High Polish like of Regaliz components and started getting to work on a design idea.

View our latest design, along with the components @

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All new Modular Twist Jewelry Kit

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Our new Modular twist earring kit features Swarovski's discontinued modular beads combines with the Swarovski 18mm twist beads.  This is a great project, thats easy enough for beginners and wont be around for very long.  Each kit contains .925 Sterling Silver findings combined with Genuine Swarovki Crystal.  Complete instructions are provided for this jewelry kit.  View the kits, in all 11 color combinations @


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Swarovski plans to Discontinue 100's of Beads and Colors!

Swarovski is running one of their biggest line reductions in history.  Many of our favorite beads here at are on the chopping block.  Even one of our most popular lines, the 5601 cube bead is being reduced by more than half the color options.  

We want to try to help everyone stay ahead of this, and stock up on their favorite products.  We have a PDF file of all the articles being discontinued for you to download.  Looking through the list it looks like the Aurora Borealis effect is going to be all but extinct in the coming months.

the 5000 series includes all of Swarovski's Drilled Beads (rounds, cubes bicones, ect)

the 6000 series includes all of Swarovski's Pendants (top-drilled bicones, frames, ect)

With so many articles being discontinued it's hard to figure out what Swarovski is doing.  Following the trend with their figurines, It would be easy to assume their trying to add value to some of these articles by ending production to make them Vintage beads.  It's also reasonable to assume they are pulling these article so their line of finished jewelry has a more exclusive feel.  

If you'd like to shop for some of the soon to be discontinued items, view our selection at

No matter what the reason for the mass discontinuation of these Swarovski Elements, we're still sad to see our favorite colors go.  What do you think of the mass discontinuation?


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Huge Sales this Week at

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We have a lot of promotions going on this week for extreme saving this week!  Save 25% OFF every item, plus additional savings on Regaliz Oval Leather, ID Bars, as well as our very popular half cuffs. Th  Have a look at this weeks email promo to see everything thats happening.  Don't forget to have a look at our all new charms, and 10mm flat cork either.

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How to create a Riveted ID bracelet

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Using the Real Leather Crafts punch kit to create riveted bracelets is quick and easy, and has great results.  See how we made these bracelets in 10 quick steps below.  If you're looking for the products used in the project, head over to our online store to find them.

begin by collecting your project supplies

Step 1

You'll need to start by gathering you supplies for the project
  • Real Leather Crafts Leather Punch
  • 10mm Flat Leather Strip (8 inches)
  • Metal Block
  • ID Bar
  • Hexagonal Screw Rivets
  • Hammer
  • Magnetic Clasp
  • Super New Glue
Begin by cutting your leather in half

Step 2

Now take your ID bar and loop the end of one of your pieces of leather through the opening about 3/4ths of an inch. Use a marker on your leather to indicate where you want to make your hole.

Step 3

Remove your leather from the ID bar and set it on your metal block. Line up your punch tool over the area you marked for your hole. Hold your punch tool firmly in place and hit the end with a hammer. You may have to hit the tool a few times for a nice clean punch.

Step 4

Check to make sure you've punched all the way through the leather

Step 5

Fold your leather back under your punch, and mark the area for your next punch.

Step 6

Insert your punch tool into the first hole you created to punch your second hole. You can also line your punch tool up to the markered area and create your punch.

Step 7

Now that your first leather strip is completed, you can set it on top of your second strip and use a marker to mark where you need your holes.

Step 8

Your punch holes should be pretty well line up here.

Step 9

Take your leather and run it through the center piece, fold it and insert your rivet, then screw it tightly. Repeat on the other side.

Step 10

Now you will size your bracelet to fit your wrist, then insert the glue in your clasp and place your leather in. Let dry for a few minutes and you are finished.

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Kit Swarovski Spring Drops Earring Kit


Created by adding multiple 4mm bicones to sterling silver head pins, then wrapping them into a multiple links of sterling chain, our Swarovski spring drop earring kit creates a beautiful pair of long flowing earrings. Choose from classic black and white, or any of the vibrant spring colors available.

Included in Kit
  • .925 Sterling Silver Chain
  • .925 Sterling Silver Head pins
  • 6 4mm Bicones
  • .925 Sterling Silver Earring Findings
Tools Needed
  • Nipper Tool
  • Round Nose Pliers
Skill Level:  Intermidiate


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All New High Polish Enamel Animal Print Clasps for Regaliz and Flat Leather

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Animal Print Magnetic Clasps for Regaliz

View's latest innovation for Regaliz leather.  Our new line of clasp for Regaliz Leather  are available in a high polish Black Ruthenium, .925 Sterling Silver, and 14K Rose Gold Plating. The trendy clasps feature cool and fun animal prints in Zebra, as well as Leopard. Combine these clasps with Regaliz leather to create easy to make custom bracelets.
Animal Print Magnetic Clasps for 10mm Flat Leather

The line wouldn't be complete without the complimenting clasps for 10mm flat leather.  The new clasps are created with the same high polish finish as our pave line for easy mixing and matching.  View our all new clasps and get creative!

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Save 30% OFF our entire inventory this week!

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Its spring cleaning time at  Stop by a load up on all your beads, pendants and findings at 30% OFF.  Want even better deals?  All our Oval Regaliz Leather is on sale for an additional 20% OFF.

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How to make a rivet-less rivet style bracelet!

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If there is one thing I have learned in the jewelry design business, its that there is almost certainly more than 1 way to achieve the results you may be looking for with a bracelet design. Im sure not everyone is interested in purchasing a riveting tool, and messing around with hexagonal screws to create an identity bar bracelet. Today I'm going to show you how to achieve the same design concept by using a little super new glue, and some RG-1330 slider beads.

You will need a few things to get started

  • 10 x 1.5mm Flat leather (You should get a few extra inches for this project because of the technique. Starting with 12 inches is probably best for your first try)
  • 2 - RG-1330 spacers
  • A bracelet identity bar of your choice.
  • A Clasp for 10mm flat leather.
  • Sharp Scissors
  • Super New Glue
  • A pair of flat nose pliars. (it doesn't matter if they are bent or straight as long as you can get a good hold of the leather)
Find all the materials for this project @

Begin the process by cutting your leather in half, then cutting 1 end to a point.

Slide one RG-1330 spacer onto your flat leather.

Load your identity bar onto the leather (be sure its the face is the correct way).

Flip your leather over, and load the point back through the RG-1330 Spacer. Once you have it through a bit, use your pliars to pull it nice and tight.

Drop a few drops of super new glue under the pointed part of your leather.  (you can cut the point flat here for a more finished look)

Make sure its lined up evenly and let it dry for a few minutes. Repeat the whole process on the other side of the bar.

Now just size it up, and add your clasps.

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