Original Pave Components for Flat Leather from Toocutebeads.com

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Toocutebeads.com expands it's line of original pave components for Flat Leather.  Two new finishes are now available in both Pave Sliders, and Pave Clasps.  The latest finishes are bright gold and black ruthenium, and both colors add a ton of new design possibilities when combined with our wide variety of flat leather.

This weekend, during our product launch, save an additional 5% off all of our Pave Clasps and Sliders for Flat leather, making them 35% OFF their listed price with all available sale.

All products can be found at Toocutebeads.com

or you can go to the specific product sections below

Sterling Silver Plated Pave Sliders and Clasps for Flat Leather
Black Ruthenium Plated Pave Sliders and Clasps
Bright Gold Plated Pave Sliders and Clasps for Flat Leather

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