Flat Leather - Making Stunning Jewelry with our new Pave Components

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If you follow our easy beading at all, you've seen a few of our flat leather designs.  As we bring in more and more flat leather, it became harder and harder to find a place for it, so we've given it it's own section.  You can now easily browse Flat Leather, Clasps, and Sliders without having to go through our easy beading projects. Take a look at the photo below to see what I mean.

With leather becoming so popular over the last year, we've been working hard to design a line of components to give this trend the Too Cute Beads feel.  A couple weeks ago we introduced our Pave Sliders for Regaliz, and this week, our line of Pave Sliders for Flat leather came in.  We've taken the idea behind our popular bead thru's, and applied that to sliders, and clasps for flat leather.  You can see in the image below how it worked out, and everyone here at TCB is impressed.

Along with adding these cool new products, we've been working on new ways to give everyone ideas on what to do with the new components, and some cool combinations.  You'll find a "Get Inspired!" area under flat leather that will display a design idea, with some tips and quick access to all the components.  We've started with 3 cool flat leather designs featuring the new TCB Components and Clasps.

Happy Beading
John Woodson

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