New Holiday Earring Kits - Christmas Wreath

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Holiday Jewelry Kits have been a staple items at since we started out so many years go.  Every year we try to come up with a new Design to add to our holiday collection.  This year we've come out with something a little more than a basic set of earrings.  This years kit, The Holiday Wreath, uses more than just a head pin and some beads.  We've used Artistic wire, jump rings, and a little creativity to bring you a set of earrings that give a real representation of a Christmas Wreath.

The Holiday Wreath Kit features Swarovski Emeral Xilion "Bicone" Beads, along with a pewter bow and Silver Filled Components.

When complete each earring will measure 2" tall (Including Earwires)

Project Level: Beginner

Materials Included in Kit:

  • 2- Bows
  • 4- 2mm sterling silver seamless beads
  • 2- 2" 24g sterling silver filled head pins
  • 2- Sterling silver filled ball end ear wires
  • 2- 18g 5.5mm sterling silver jump rings
  • 2- 6.5" pieces of 22g non-tarnish artistic wire
  • 4- 4mm Lt. Siam bicones
  • 32- 6mm Emerald bicones
Tools and Supplies Needed (not included)

  • Nipper tool
  • Bent nose Pliers
  • Round Nose Pliers
  • Bottle Cap (Using the top of a bottle of water works great to round out your Artistic Wire)

Holiday Wreath Tools and Supplies

Holiday Wreath Instructions

Step 1: Take your headpin and load on a 4mm bicone, a bow, then another 4mm bicone then do a gallery wrap. Make sure you wrap down tightly towards your bicone so your bow doesn’t spin, then nip off excess wire. Repeat for other earring and set them aside.

Load your 4mm Bicones and Bows on to your headpin

Step 2: Using your artistic wire make your first loop then add a 2mm seamless bead, 16 of the 6mm bicones, and another 2mm seamless bead. Now make another loop at the other end, being sure that both are in the same direction. Now nip off excess silver and repeat for the other earring.

Step 3: Gently form it into a circle with either your fingers or you can use a bottle cap for assistance, repeat for both.

Step 4: Double check and make sure both of your loops are facing the same way, then open your 5.5mm jump ring. Run it through one loop, add your bow, and then run it through the other loop and close your jump ring. Repeat for your second earring.

Step 5: Now you'll open your ear wires and attach them onto the jump rings, then closing them back up and completing your earrings.

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