Easy Beading - Quick and Easy design project for cool and unique Jewelry.

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With the success of the Regaliz Leather Bracelet System, we've introduced a new Feature on our site.  Similar to our very popular Jewelry Kits, we've now launched our "Easy Beading" section.  The idea behind Easy Beading is to introduce Fun, easy and Unique design ideas that can be done quickly, for instant gratification!

Our first release last week has kept us very, very busy. So much so, that i'm almost a week late writing about it, but I thought it was still worth a write up, since its a feature that's staying around.

Below is an image of our first project, which features 4.5mm Greek Leather in multiple colors, Antique silver half cuffs (2 styles available so far), and a spacer bead to help turn your leather into a toggle.

The idea behind this Greek Leather Half cuff bracelet was to mix and match 3 different components, and see what kind of designs you could come up with.  We put this inspiration photo of a few designs we threw together, and watch our fellow Beaders go wild with their own creations.

If you haven't had a chance to check out our first "Easy Beading" Design, stop by the shop and have a look!

Happy Beading

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