Flat Leather - Making Stunning Jewelry with our new Pave Components

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If you follow our easy beading at all, you've seen a few of our flat leather designs.  As we bring in more and more flat leather, it became harder and harder to find a place for it, so we've given it it's own section.  You can now easily browse Flat Leather, Clasps, and Sliders without having to go through our easy beading projects. Take a look at the photo below to see what I mean.

With leather becoming so popular over the last year, we've been working hard to design a line of components to give this trend the Too Cute Beads feel.  A couple weeks ago we introduced our Pave Sliders for Regaliz, and this week, our line of Pave Sliders for Flat leather came in.  We've taken the idea behind our popular bead thru's, and applied that to sliders, and clasps for flat leather.  You can see in the image below how it worked out, and everyone here at TCB is impressed.

Along with adding these cool new products, we've been working on new ways to give everyone ideas on what to do with the new components, and some cool combinations.  You'll find a "Get Inspired!" area under flat leather that will display a design idea, with some tips and quick access to all the components.  We've started with 3 cool flat leather designs featuring the new TCB Components and Clasps.

Happy Beading
John Woodson

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New Holiday Earring Kits - Christmas Wreath

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Holiday Jewelry Kits have been a staple items at Toocutebeads.com since we started out so many years go.  Every year we try to come up with a new Design to add to our holiday collection.  This year we've come out with something a little more than a basic set of earrings.  This years kit, The Holiday Wreath, uses more than just a head pin and some beads.  We've used Artistic wire, jump rings, and a little creativity to bring you a set of earrings that give a real representation of a Christmas Wreath.

The Holiday Wreath Kit features Swarovski Emeral Xilion "Bicone" Beads, along with a pewter bow and Silver Filled Components.

When complete each earring will measure 2" tall (Including Earwires)

Project Level: Beginner

Materials Included in Kit:

  • 2- Bows
  • 4- 2mm sterling silver seamless beads
  • 2- 2" 24g sterling silver filled head pins
  • 2- Sterling silver filled ball end ear wires
  • 2- 18g 5.5mm sterling silver jump rings
  • 2- 6.5" pieces of 22g non-tarnish artistic wire
  • 4- 4mm Lt. Siam bicones
  • 32- 6mm Emerald bicones
Tools and Supplies Needed (not included)

  • Nipper tool
  • Bent nose Pliers
  • Round Nose Pliers
  • Bottle Cap (Using the top of a bottle of water works great to round out your Artistic Wire)

Holiday Wreath Tools and Supplies

Holiday Wreath Instructions

Step 1: Take your headpin and load on a 4mm bicone, a bow, then another 4mm bicone then do a gallery wrap. Make sure you wrap down tightly towards your bicone so your bow doesn’t spin, then nip off excess wire. Repeat for other earring and set them aside.

Load your 4mm Bicones and Bows on to your headpin

Step 2: Using your artistic wire make your first loop then add a 2mm seamless bead, 16 of the 6mm bicones, and another 2mm seamless bead. Now make another loop at the other end, being sure that both are in the same direction. Now nip off excess silver and repeat for the other earring.

Step 3: Gently form it into a circle with either your fingers or you can use a bottle cap for assistance, repeat for both.

Step 4: Double check and make sure both of your loops are facing the same way, then open your 5.5mm jump ring. Run it through one loop, add your bow, and then run it through the other loop and close your jump ring. Repeat for your second earring.

Step 5: Now you'll open your ear wires and attach them onto the jump rings, then closing them back up and completing your earrings.

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Introducing the Bold Statement Bracelet Cuff.

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Make a Statement with this Stand-out Piece this Fall Season!

Hello Beaders!  Our latest Jewelry kit (The Bold Statement Bracelet Cuff) features a 50mm focal piece, combined
with 3 strands of 10 x 1.5mm leather, and is closed off with a heavy duty
37mm Magnetic clasp. This one really does make a statement.  This new eye-catching piece definitely isn't dainty.

 Materials Needed for the Project

  •  Bold Statement Bracelet Kit (includes all beads and leather needed)
  • A Sharpie (Or other variety of Black Marker)
  • Super New Glue (I wouldn't try using anything else.  We haven't found anything else that works this good with leather and metal.)
  • A Cutting Tool (You can use Scissors or a Nipper Tool) 

Step 1: Size it up. 

With a 12" ruler, lay your clasp, your center piece and your 3 pieces of leather out. Follow this guide for sizing:

  • For a 7 inch bracelet you need to be at 8.5 inches
  • For a 7.5 inch bracelet you need to be at 9 inches
  • For a 8 inch bracelet you need to be at 9.5 inches.
Mark your leather and cut excess off all three pieces.

*Make sure you've inserted your leather into the center piece for accurate sizing.*

Step 2: Cut that Leahter!

Fold each of your pieces of leather in half and cut in the center (try to be as accurate as possible to make things easier later) creating 6 pieces of equal size leather.

*We use scissors here, but you can use any cutting tool you have on hand that will make a precise cut*

Step 3:  Test it out!

Put your bracelet together WITHOUT using Super New Glue. 

*When working with glue it is always important to measure twice and glue once, because there usually isn't room for mistakes once the glue comes into play. *


We've almost got a complete Bracelet... GREAT JOB! 


Step 4: Rulers are our Friends!

Lay your bracelet out and measure. Determine if you need to make any adjustments in sizing.

*If you need adjustments, determine the amount and divide by 2. Cut this amount off of each side of leather. For example if you need to cut off 1/2 inch, then cut 1/4 inch off each piece of leather (all 6)*

Step 5: Making the Commitment!

  • Place 5 drops of Super New Glue along one of the trenches in the center piece. 
  • Roll the center piece around to evenly apply the glue.
  • Place all three pieces of leather into the trench and firmly
  • Push them up into place, the ends should all line up. Allow to dry 15 minutes.
Step 6:  It's Basically just step 5

Repeat Step 5 on the other side of center piece.

*Be sure that you leather is in the proper order.  It would be really awful if the leather didn't match on each side.*


 Step 7: Adding your Clasp. 

Place 5 drops of Super NEW Glue along the trench of 1 side of your clasp. Roll the clasp around to apply glue evenly. Place all three pieces of leather into the trench and firmly push them up into place, the ends should all line up. Allow to dry 15 minutes.

*Make sure your clasp is facing the correct way*

Step 8: I feel like I'm Repeating myself.

Repeat Step 7 on the other end of your clasp and allow bracelet to dry for 24 hours.

*It is important to resist the temptation to wear your fancy new bracelet while it drys!  I know it's taunting you, but you have to ignore it... even if you have to hide it in a box!*

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Flat Leather, and some other cool stuff

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Flat Leather and Sliders!

We've gotten in a bunch of cool new stuff this week.  We've added flat leather to our new Easy Beading section, and have some great design ideas in there.  We're really starting to go crazy with these new leather bracelet systems.

Between the Regaliz, 4.5mm Greek leather  and the new flat leather, the designs just keep coming.  These new bracelet systems might even be to easy.  It reminds me a lot of what was going on with Pandora style bracelets a few years ago.


Here are some of the different designs we've done


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Easy Beading - Quick and Easy design project for cool and unique Jewelry.

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With the success of the Regaliz Leather Bracelet System, we've introduced a new Feature on our site.  Similar to our very popular Jewelry Kits, we've now launched our "Easy Beading" section.  The idea behind Easy Beading is to introduce Fun, easy and Unique design ideas that can be done quickly, for instant gratification!

Our first release last week has kept us very, very busy. So much so, that i'm almost a week late writing about it, but I thought it was still worth a write up, since its a feature that's staying around.

Below is an image of our first project, which features 4.5mm Greek Leather in multiple colors, Antique silver half cuffs (2 styles available so far), and a spacer bead to help turn your leather into a toggle.

The idea behind this Greek Leather Half cuff bracelet was to mix and match 3 different components, and see what kind of designs you could come up with.  We put this inspiration photo of a few designs we threw together, and watch our fellow Beaders go wild with their own creations.

If you haven't had a chance to check out our first "Easy Beading" Design, stop by the shop and have a look!

Happy Beading

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New Variation on our Zipper Bracelet

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New video tutorial online now

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On sale this week.

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Shop with us this week save 30% OFF of all Swarovski Crystal Beads, Pendants and Pearls.

Don't forget to pick up our new Red, White and Blue "Celebration" bracelet kit before the 4th of July. 

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New Illumination Leather Wrap Guide

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Bracelet Materials Needed

  • 24" 1.5mm Leather cord
  • 2 24" 1.2mm Chinese Knotting Cord
  • 2 Swarovski (5535) 19x5 Column Beads
  • 2 Swarovski (5535) 23x5 Column Beads
  • 12 4mm Multi-cut Seamless Beads
  • 4 Swarovski (5040) 12mm Briolettes
  • 8 8mm Contour Beads

Tools and Supplies Needed

  • GS Hypo Cement
  • Clip Board
  • Nipper Tool
  • Lighter
  • Binder Clips


*TIP - When working with leathers, its a good idea to cut the ends on an angle with your nipper tool to make loading beads easier*

String on a 23x5 Column bead through both holes leaving equal ends.

Clip column bead under the top of your clip board.

Clip your leather to the bottom of your clipboard using a binder clip.

Add a length of knotting cord under your leather.

Create your first Shamballa knot.

Un-clip from board and push knot tight to column.

Reclip to your board.

Continue your knotting until you have between 10 and 12 patterns depending on length you need.

Unclip your binder clip, and load a 4mm multi-cut seamless bead onto each cord.

Continue by adding a 19x5 column bead on both cords, followed by a 4mm multi-cut, 8mm contour, 12mm briolette, 8mm contour, and a 4mm multi-cut on to each cord. String on a 23x5 column bead on to both cords. add 4mm multi-cut, 8mm contour, 12mm briolette, 8mm contour, and a 4mm multi-cut on to each cord. add your last 19x5 column bead followed by your last 2 multi-cut seamless beads(1 on each cord).

Re-clip your binder clip and begin knotting using the same number of patterns as before.

Clip excess knotting cord and melt ends using a lighter. (Be Careful)

Tie off leather approx. 3/4 to 1 inch from end of knotting making sure that other end with column bead will slide through but is not to loose and pull tight.

Glue knot using Hypo Cement

Clip off leather tails to desired length.

Congrats, you've just completed your wrap!!!!

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GO TIGERS! The Detroit Variety

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     Are all of you Michiganders as excited about Opening Day as we are? 
Here at Too Cute Beads we are big Detroit Tiger Fans. We even 
put together a Shamballa bracelet in 
honor of our team. 
Introducing the Bengal Tiger, Tigers Bangle
Detroit Tiger Love

   Need supplies to make your very own Tigers Bangle or other Shamballa designs? Go here to get everything you will need. Glue, stopper beads, clipboards and much more!

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